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Date: November 13th 1917

Basingstoke, Hants


Nov. 13 '17


My Dear Dorothy, -


Received your letter today written on Oct; also one from Agnes & one from Madge. I hope that by this time you are in a bank nearer home, altho' you seem to like it pretty well at Swan River


Miss McMurchy in her last letter seems to have forgotten my “impropriety”, but perhaps the last letter I wrote will give her cause for reflection. She & I cant pull together more than a couple of months, even in correspondence.


I had a letter from Argyle this week, and he is on draft for France again, Poor Mac! I had hoped that he would not have to go back this winter. There is a possibility that he may not go on this draft, for I believe that Capt. Cameron (an ex-teacher of Arden) is trying to keep him on a P.T. Course. He asked me not to say anything about it at home, because he is not sure yet. So dont mention it when writing home.


I believe that I am going to be sent to Buxton special Can. Hospt. up in Lancashire, but I am not sure yet. That would be a new part of the country for me.


We had a splendid concert in the recreation hall last night; a ladys quartette from London. They were all real artists, and treated us to some beautiful music & singing. We have two good concerts a week to sometimes more in the hospital, and always the very best talent from London. The YMCA also gives a concert in the town hall every Thursday


Well - Cheers kiddy


Lots of Love




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