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Date: November 12th 1917

3, Oakington Road,

Maida Hill, W. 9,


12th Nov. 1917


Dear Markle,


I suppose you think it is about time I wrote you a few lines. I'm getting like Mac. aren't I? Well I am still in the land of the living, and working hard at the Office as usual!


We had a fine view of the Lord Mayor's Show on Friday, it came along at the back of our Office. There were some fine bands in the procession. Our Senior Partner rode in one of the open carriages, representing one of the City Companies. Several captured Guns were shown.


Great amusement was caused, at a halt, by one of the gun team drawing a captured gun, getting restive. Immediately behind, was a band playing. When this finished, the horse was still restive and gradually the gun was being pushed back on to the Officer, commanding this band, and who was rather stout, but he calmly stood there quite unconcerned, although this gun was within a few inches of his chest.


When the Tanks came along we failed to recognise the Male from the Female.


Three wagons of Munition Girls came along, supposed to be working, but needless to say, they were enjoying themselves.


Another [?bit] of excitement was caused when one of the team of one of the state Coaches started shying. All the people shifted quick, and Special Constables, & the Coachman, with his powdered wig etc, had to get down, and pacify them. When they came along, all four were prancing along on their hind legs.


On Saturday afternoon Mother, Dad & I went over to Ealing to see some old friends, and they are doing a wonderful work among the wounded boys. This work is carried on by several ladies in Ealing, and a gentleman who has an empty house, has allowed them the use of the Ground Floor and Garden. They have fitted it up as much like home as possible, and it is open every day, morning and afternoon, and certain people go each day to help wait on the boys. They have games & music, They have named this “Blighty Touch”, and its name has spread over to France and Mesopotamia by men who have been there, while inn England.


Our friends themselves have practically thrown their house open, and they have received many letters etc, of appreciation from the Boys who have gone back.


Dadda went on a special parade yesterday. - Trenching - and they were inspected by General French, & Sir Frances Lloyd. He says there were six motors full of Red collars and Braid etc.


As I have to go out singing at Concerts now, I have bought myself some evening dress. It is pale blue, and I do look chic in it. (swank)


I am, a bounder, I owe a letter to Argyle but we haven't got his new address. If you have it, could you let us have it please.


I noticed on your Post Card that you are looking forward to Christmas at Oakington Rd. Well I hope you and the others can come along. Gee! I guess we shall have a dandy time together, shan't we!


I wrote a letter to Dorothy about a month or six weeks ago, but I have had no reply yet. I expect I shall have one soon now.


I think I have exhausted all the news now, so will close now. Please excuse the scribble.


With much love


from your loving cousin





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