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Date: October 24th 1917
My Dear Ones at Home

Basingstoke Hants


Oct. 24th '17


My Dear Ones at Home, -


I really have very little to tell you this morning, for hospital life at Basingstoke runs along very quietly & smoothly with little or no excitement to break the monotony. Nelson and I usually walk down town in the afternoon, and back for tea at 4.30 P.M. There seem to be no places of interest around here, and not even any particular beauty spots.


I received the Portage paper last night with my air raid account in. There are several boys here who were in that raid, and all pronounced it a very real & true account.


In a letter I received from father a couple of days ago he spoke of having sent me about $100. Now I have acknowledged every cent the same day as I rec'd it but have not received nearly $100 These are the different amounts I have received, in the order they came


£4, £2, $5., $10., $11


The last $11.00 was the one sent to Hastings & was of course delayed. Beside these amounts I got £1 from Aunt Nell & 10s. from Dorothy. You see the total amt. I have received from you is about $55, which is a long way from $100. Of course I will let you know just as soon as I receive an order


I have not heard from Argyle lately. I hope he has not to go back to France this winter. I wish that he and I could get together again.


I am glad to hear that father is thinking of buying a Ford. I certainly think it would be the wisest thing he could do. How much could you sell Plato for? I dont know how Dad would get along with the mechanical part of it, but a Ford is very simple to handle.


It is dinner time now, so I will leave my letter & finish it this afternoon.




Well I had a very pleasant surprise in this afternoons mail. It brought your birthday parcel & also the registered letter with M.O for $15.00. The birthday gifts were very useful ones and very nice too Thank you very much for them. Janie Pecover had put your box inside of a larger one which she filled up with cakes. Dear kind hearted soul that she is. She is continually trying to show me some kindness, in one way or another


The money order received today was sent on Sept 24 and makes a total of $70. (approximately). I think probably I have received all you have sent now, have I not


I was quite surprised to learn that Glen Stewart was in the Manor. I did not run across him during my stay there


I had to smile when I read how docile Mr. Plato has become. I always did like the little beggar, and much as I think you should have a Ford, I would hate to think of parting with his nibs.


Surely you are not finding Burn. too quiet already. I thought that was what you wanted. How would you like London for a change?, with the air-raids to help along all the rest of the mad tear & bustle.


How is that flock of white hens getting along? I hope you wont kill them this fall.


I have often wondered how things are at Whitewater. What was done with the field?


With a world of love from your boy





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