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Date: August 27th 1917





My Dear Mother, -


You have probably read in the papers about the air-raid on Ramsgate last Wednesday. It was a horrible affair, and I am so glad that we are moving from this town. We are leaving on Wednesday next, and are being sent to different hospitals, away from the danger zone. I have no idea where I will be sent, perhaps around London some place. I have written out an account of the air raid which I am sending home. If it is worth while, father or Dorothy may copy it out and send it to the paper. Perhaps the Free Press would think it worth something, if they dont get too much of that sort of stuff.


I received letters yesterday from you and Dorothy Although I usually get your mail every week, still it seems so long in between the letters I wish that I could get a letter every day. How I do hope that it may not be long until I am home again with you all Just a year ago now I was with you down at Whitewater.


I am feeling fine these days. I think it must be the sea air. I am getting massage & electricity every day, & I think that it is straightening my arm out. The two fingers are still a little bent & stiff, and have not much sensation


I had a letter from Argyle a few days ago, & Lieut. Groggan who is still at Shorncliffe has offered to give Mac a course in Musketry, & a place on the staff as instructor. That means that he will not have to go back to France. I am so glad that he has got this chance, and hope that I may get something similar when I get down to the base


Now mother dear I must say good-night


With a world of love to all and a good big share for yourself from your soldier boy




Tuesday 28th


I am leaving tomorrow and am being sent to Manor War Hospital, Epsom. I will be right near London again & can get in to see Pecovers whenever I wish. Isn't that great? Epsom is just far enough from London to be safe from air raids, It was in another Epsom Hospital that Argyle was


Will write from there.


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