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Date: August 13th 1917
V D Evelyn


Westbourne, Man.


13 Aug. 1917


My dear Markle


It was very kind of you to think of me and send me your photograph. I assure you that I shall always value it highly and I am placing it among the many other photos that I have the honor to possess of the gallant lads, from this school, who are enduring hardship and deadly peril so bravely in the high cause.


I knew that you had been wounded and rejoice to hear that you are making such a good recovery.


I often think of you boys at the front and the wonderful experiences that you all must have gone through and I wonder what the effect will be on the majority, whether for good or evil; whether it will coarsen and brutalize or whether, living so close to the elemental and primitive life, far removed from the blinding influences of custom and the conventionalities of a highly developed civilization, it may not be an astounding revelation, and many will for the first time “open their eyes and see”. At all events this is certain, that when you return, as God grant you may, to your dear parents it will not be quite the same Markle that I saw, in the train, voyaging off so gaily to that of which he knew not of.


Oretta has covered herself with glory in the recent examination coming out third in the province for Grade XII. Only one mark between the second and third. We all feel quite proud of her.


Mrs Evelyn sends her very kindest regards and she also sends you a pair of socks that she has knitted.


Our house, just at present, is a very lively place to live in as not only are Sylvan & Oretta at home but they have brought with them to [sic] other congeneal [sic] spirits in the shape of Miss Singleton, whom you do not know, and Evelyn Vernon, whom you know very well indeed. They are all, at this present momment[sic], shouting, I refuse to call it singing, at the top of their voices, an around [sic] song entitled “Found a Peanut”. So, under the circumstances, you will quite understand that it is impossible for me to write further.



very sincerely


V D Evelyn

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