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Date: July 22nd 1917
Laura Thorn

Sidney, Man.


July 22nd '17


Dear Markle: -


It is quite a while since I wrote to you so I thought I would drop you a few more lines. How is the arm? I hope you dont get better for a long time. (Dont misunderstand this)


I wonder if it is as warm in England as it is here, just now. We have had had [sic] a week of very hot weather. Yesterday capped the climax with 97 degrees in the shade. But then it is not long ago since I was grumbling about the cold. I guess I cant be suited.


Did you hear that Eva and George both have been and done it? Done what? Why got married, of course. Eva now rejoices in the name of Mrs. Nelson Miller of Baldur, Man. George has an office of his own now, still in Regina. Of course I merely murmur, “Bless you, my children.” in quite a grandmotherly way.


What think you of England, Markle? Do you prefer it to Manitoba?


Sidney welcomed its first returned soldier a few weeks ago. Do you remember George Burton, “the Western Giant,” five foot, nothing at all? He was wounded a long while ago in the shoulder. He has the shrapnel for a souvenir. He looks well, considering.


Did you hear that Orville Wright and Mina Routley are to be married? I think Wednesday next is the date set for the happy event. Weddings are so common just now, I for one wouldn't be bothered. I will wait till they are a rare event and then make a sensation.


Say Markle, it would break your heart to see Sewell this year. There isn't a tent or a soldier in sight and most of the buildings are roofless. If is sure a scene of desolation. I suppose it will be occupied when we get conscription working. What do you think of it?


What are you doing to kill time these days? I got some books from Geo. Goulding but am almost too busy to read. We do a lot of car riding. We were down to Portage and up to Regina to George's wedding in it. It is the only way to get cooled off it seems. I am learning to run the car but I am not very proficient yet. I notice that father keeps his eye on the emergency brake. Eva can run it quite well, but then I always was rather mentally deficient.


I am short of news to-day so I will bring this letter to an end.


When you are able write a big, long letter to


Your sincere friend,


Laura Thorn.



Foxwarren. Man

R.R. No 2. Box 27.

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