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Date: July 19th 1917
Jessie Peden

247 Langside Road



19th July 1917


Dear Markle


I've got all holidays over and am settled down to business once more. It is indeed a pity you did not take another week at Bute. The weather kept fine all the time and we came home on the Monday morning just exactly a week after you. I don't think I ever spent a more enjoyable holiday, went in for a dip every day after you left. You will get a glimpse of Bill and myself in the water in one of the snaps I am sending to Argyle. I've got a “glad back” but its a gent's costume I choose to wear. I have just got one copy of each of the snaps finished yet, so I am letting Argyle have them unless those few of yourself. I will send you a bunch next week whenever I get them done. Some of them are very good, but the best of the lot I think is that one of you taken at the cave. I'll do a few of it for I know you will want to let all your best girls have one. Why did you have such a schocking [sic] picture taken after your dip. It almost scared me to death. What do you think of the two “soldier boy” of Sunday morning fame. “Charlie Chaplin's not in it” eh.


Thanks Markle for the cards and cigs. you sent down to St. Ninians. They were very acceptable. We played five hundred by moonlight one night it was extra bright.


I looked out for the old game-keeper to get a picture of him for you, but he did not come shooting around the rocks any more evenings.


Well you gave me your address all right in your letter but you forgot to give your convict number so I will enclose this with Argyle's. Sorry you are not enjoying the luxuries of “Hotel de Clink” as you anticipated


Yours sincerely

 Jessie Peden

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