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Date: June 19th 1917
My Dear Ones at Home

Bromley, Kent


Tues. June 19 '17


Soldiers' Home

London Road


My Dear Ones At Home


Last Wednesday I was discharged from M. E. Hospital, and sent to a Can. Convalescent Home near here. However my stay in Conval. was quite short, and yesterday I was marked for ten days sick furlough. I was quite surprised for my arm is quite helpless yet. I have had it out of sling for a week, but it is not straightened out yet and I cannot lift anything with it. There is not the least pain though, and I am glad to get my leave now, as Argyle is getting his on Friday. Mine starts tomorrow (Wed.) I put in for a ticket to Glasgow & we will go up together next week. We will stay at Pecovers over Sunday


At the end of the 10 days I am supposed to report back to the base at Shorncliffe, but as I will be quite unfit for duty, will report to a Military Hospt. instead, and get a few weeks in Convalescent with Massage treatment


I was at Franks all day last Sunday & went to afternoon & evening service with them Frank received the letter with £4 enclosed, which needless to say I was very glad to get. I will get £5 tomorrow, with my ticket to Glasgow. I owe Frank 1£, so will have £8 to go on leave with. I hope it will last me out.


What do you think of enclosed snaps taken on Whitsun Monday.


I weigh 148 lbs. & feel like a fighting cock. Will write from Glasga'


Lovingly, your boy


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Original Scans