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Date: June 6th 1917





Dear Dorothy, -


Although writing to you, I must wish father many happy returns of the day seeing that this is June 6. I suppose that it will be nearer to July 6th before you receive this letter


Well I am still in Mile End Hospt. and enjoying myself in London on our days out. You know wounded soldiers are 'it', in Blighty, & if in addition to the hospital suit, you wear a maple leaf cap badge, then your standing is doubly assured


Of course I'm on for all that “brave hero” “poor boy” “what can I do for you”, stuff. Nice old ladies & gentlemen whom you meet on the streets take you into a show or in to tea & buy you sweets & smokes. If you get into a crowded bus or tram or tube, everyone trys to give you a place at once, and you insult a standing lady by offering her your seat.


Last Friday Janie P. (Frank's wife) and I went over to Kensington Gardens All the parks and gardens in London are the most beautiful I have ever seen, and Ken. gardens is one of the best. One of the most beautiful things in the parks are the trees - great shade trees such as we never see at home, and so many different kinds.


On Sat. P.M. I went to the Kings investiture in Hyde Park. I was with a party of wounded soldiers, and seats were reserved for wounded soldiers in the inner circle, quite close to the royal dias. [sic]


There were 351 soldiers decorated with various medals. The king stood and pinned the medal on each man as he passed, shook hands & spoke a few words


I had a good opportunity to see the royal family, and all the pomp & ceremony attending their apperance [sic] in public, and also got an idea of a London crowd. Monday P.M. I went over to Westminster & spent four hours or so around the abbey & parliament bldgs. & along the Thames. Tuesday I went to the Zoo, & needless to say, enjoyed myself immensely. I hadn't time to see half of the animals, but intend to put in a few more afternoons there.


On Wednesday I went to the theatre with a party from the hospital.


You cannot imagine more beautiful weather than we are having. There has not been a single rainy or cold day since I came to Eng. over a month ago. Of course the trees & grass & flower gardens are at their best


Every Friday afternoon I go over to Pecovers & have tea there. It is quite a distance from the hospital but it only takes about 20 min. on the tube.


Tuesday June 12 '17


It is 6 days since I started this letter & it is not finished yet


Last Friday I went over to No 3 Oakington Rd. as usual. On Saturday I spent the P.M. at No 8. Porteous Rd. with Janie Pecover, a sister of Fred who is in Toronto


On Sunday I got a special pass from 10 A.M. till 8 P.M. & went over to Franks It was childrens day & I went to service in morn. and afternoon. It was a very pleasant day for me. Frank is a deacon in the church, and the whole family are great church goers & workers


Yesterday I got on a bus at the hospital & went over to the parliament buildings, just for the ride. It was an hours run & cost only 4d. I went right through the heart of the city, thro Aldergate past 'the bank' & St. Pauls & down Oxford St & through Holborn past Picadilly Circus, then skirted along Hyde Park & Grosvenor Gardens to Victoria Stn; then down Victoria St. to Westminster Abbey & the Parliament Buildings I sat for a while on the Thames embankment near the Parliament Bldgs & watched the boats. Then I went into a Y.M.C.A. & had tea and after that back to Mile End by the same route as I came.


How often I wish that father was over here - to see wonderful old London with me. Wouldnt we have a great time together?


I still have my arm in a sling. Of course the wound was all healed up long ago, but I cannot straighten my arm out atall. [sic] The two fingers are still the same, but I feel no pain now whatever. The massage treatment proved a little too strenuous and my arm got quite sore above the elbow, probably owing to a straining of the muscles in trying to straighten it out. I had hot fomentations on the tender place for a few days, & it is allright again now. I have not started the massage again yet


My hand is too tired to write any more this morning




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