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Date: May 18th 1917
Donalda McDougall

Plumas, Man.


May 18th 1917


Dear Markle.


I suppose you will be thinking this letter is from your forty second cousin, when you get it, but hope you will not be disappointed when you find out its only me.


We were all so sorry to hear of you being wounded again, and hope it is not serious and that you may soon be well again. It is not that we never think of you that none of us, have never written to you before. For we think of you often and the good times we used to have when you were here. But I think one has been leaving it for the other to do. So when we heard you were wounded again I made up my mind I would write you a few lines anyhow to let you know we haven forgotten you.


We've just had a lovely calm spring until yesterday and to-day and we had the good old sand storms once again. The Spring was rather late but every thing is lovely and green now.


But Say! talk about mosquitoas (sic) just imagine, they are here by the millions this early. They certainly intend to make us a good long visit if they stay, till next fall.


Nearly every one has a car around here now. I still drive Flossie the old reliable. Do you remember the fast rides she used to give you on your old bicycle when you would hang on to the cover behind.


Bert was just giving us an organ solo one of those you and he used to play to-gether.


The missionary society meets out here the beginning of June. Do you remember the year you were here when they were out. You and Bert wanted to get to town to a baseball game and you got into the pantry and were hooking every thing good you could find to eat. I don't remember how you made out, but I guess you made out all right as far as I remember.


Our Sunday School's and churches have united in Plumas now. We have a splendid Sunday School. We had about one hundred and ninety out last Sunday morning. The Presbyterian church won't hold all the classes. So some go to the Methodist church and our Jr. Bible class goes to the orange hall for classes. Our class has organized and now we have chosen sides, and we are to see who can have the most out each Sunday. Then at the end of three months the class that has had the least, will have to entertain the other side. So there is lots of interest taken in it. We have all the unmarried people in our class over seventeen years of age. We had thirty four out in our class last Sunday. Mr Ramsay is still our teacher.


O, say we have Clara Flecher teaching here now. She used to board at your place in Arden.


The school children are get (sic) ready for Empire day. They are having the Sports in Plumas this year. So they are all looking forward to a big time that day. They have a real nice new organ in the school now.


Mrs Ecroyd has resigned her position in the church and is now away for her health in Winnipeg. She says she is coming back in July to teach again.


We have the Rev Mallay for organist and he is certainly splendid. He was the Methodist minister. But since the churches have united he has been organist. Its just about the same old ones that still sing in the choir.


Bert wrote you a letter before you went overseas, but he adressed (sic) it to Clearwater so I guess you never got it. He didn't know your folks had moved to Burnside. He wanted you to come and pay us a visit, but as you could never have received the letter you will have to accept the invitation when you come back.


Well I think my few lines have grown to quite a few, so “Good Luck” to you and speedy recovery. Would be glad to hear from you anytime.


Your Sincere Friend,

 Donalda McDougall

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