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Date: April 16th 1917
Laura Thorn

Foxwarren, Man.


April 16th, 1917.


R.R. No 2. Box 27


Dear Friend; -


I packed a few boxes when I was home and sent one to you I didn't like to put a note in it so I thought I would drop you a line. I am not sure if it will reach you. It was a trifle overweight but Erroll let it go through. I hope they aren't very particular farther on. I am sorry I could not send a better parcel. So many things I wanted to send had to be left out. I will try to do better next time. Eva and Beatrice had their share in it too, as Eva made the cookies and Trixie the candy. I can recommend those, but not the cake for I made it myself. I left out one very important item. I wont say what - so perhaps you wont miss it.


I had a fine time when I was home at Easter. Eva is at home and it was nice to be to-gether for a while. On Easter Monday quite a number of Battalions left for overseas, among them the 181st. Most of the Sidney boys left are in that. We were down at the station and the train stopped for about 15 minutes. Everybody had a chance to say good bye to their friends. I am such a stranger in Sidney that George Crane was the only one I knew very well.


I came back by Portage and saw your mother and father and Dorothy at Burnside station. I did not see them till the train was pulling out or I would have spoken to them. That is the first time I have seen them since they left Sidney. Your mother has not changed much but your father looks older, I think. I didn't go to Convention but I saw a few teachers I knew on the train, including Lily Decker and Jessie Nichol (of our Third) Normal. They are both in the profession still. Of course I saw Jean and Erroll. He was home on his holidays too. He didn't wax enthusiastic when I asked how teaching went.


The snow is going and all signs point to the coming of spring but the weather is cold. They are on the land at home but not here. I will close before I bump the bottom of the page.

Your friend, Laura Thorn.

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