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Date: January 16th 1917
Gladys Seaton

Kingston, Ontario


Jan. 16/.17


Queen's University

332 Johnston St,


Dear Mr Pecover, -


Your field card just received but I think you must have received my letter by now. Suppose by now that you have become accustomed to life in the trenches.


I have been ill since I came back from my holidays, and just returned from the hospital yesterday afternoon. You may be sure I was glad to get away from there, but shall not be able to attend lectures for a couple more days. It is very discouraging to miss lectures now but I hope to soon catch up again. Being sick away from home is no joke, but I had a very pleasant room with a south window, overlooking the lake and a cosy fireplace. The nurses were lovely and the house doctor's too were very sociable. I did not really realize who my good friends were, until I became ill. They by their kind messages, flowers, fruit and visits I learned them all. Every one was so kind it made me feel unworthy of it. However, I thought a good deal about the boys at the front who were suffering far more than me and who did not have such pleasant surroundings. There was a poor soldier in the next room to mine with a broken leg and he moaned, and cried for three days and three nights, At first I was awfully sorry for him but finally came to the conclusion that he was a warm water hero. While I was in the hospital one of the Queens boys, with a room opposite mine, died. Geo. Anderson was his name, he was III yr Science and very popular both with boys and girls.


Had a letter from Mrs Keeley today. You will remember her. She would like to be back living with us again, and we would sure like to have her.


I have a little friend here at College, Florence Willson by name, who is not writing to any boys at the front at all and would be glad to find some one to write to. So if you happen to have a chum or friend who would like to get breezy letters from a charming Queen's girl, give him her name and address c/o University.


We are having fine frosty weather here now, and the skating is excellent but of course I am not indulging in sports for a while.


Went to see “Charlie's Aunt” just after I returned from my holidays. It was awfully funny, but perhaps you have seen it. Expect to see “Daddy Long Legs” next Monday night. The Science Dance is to be held on Friday Jan. 19. but again my health prevents.


There is lots of fun here in Kingston, but it may make you homesick if I talk too much about it. O by the way I passed my Xmas exams alright, got three second divisions, which is better than I expected, considering all the loafing done last term.


We are reading Vergil's Georgic's BK II. On “Bees” It is very interesting but tres difficile, However the past two weeks I have been indulging in thrilling stories in the Cosmopolitan. I like that magazine fine. Don't you?


I am sure you boys will be so glad when spring comes and the mud dries up,


Every one is fine at home, My bro. John has been down to Wpg. for the holidays, and had a fine time. He's a dandy chap I think, but rather fond of the ladies.


There is to be an excursion to Toronto this week end, and I have a kind invitation to spend the holiday with friends there. but expect to rusticate here on Johnston St.


I was glad to know you were well, and shall be patiently awaiting a nice long letter, Do you remember Alice Fleming? I had a long letter from her a few days ago, she is having a jolly time. She says there are lots of dances & parties there this winer,


Trusting this letter finds you well, and with very best of good wishes and success I am


Very truly yours



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