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Date: January 1st 1918
Laura Thorn

Sidney, Man.


Jan 1st, 1917. [should be 1918]


Dear Markle:-


I received your greeting at Christmas time and thank you for remembering me. I was intending to send you a remembrance but I unfortunately mislaid all my soldier's address so my good intentions were of no avail.


It is quite a while since I wrote to you and it is a longer one since you wrote to me. Surely you aren't too busy to drop me a line, are you Markle?


We would be very glad to hear from you. Will you have to go back to France again? How is your arm? Dont forget to answer all questions.


How do you like England and Scotland? You will be able to decide which country you like best after the war. I bet it will be Canada for you - eh?


Well, this school term is over. We had our Christmas entertainment and I was glad when it was over. As I was leaving they presented me with scrumptious white ivory toilet and manicure set in a case. They also read an address as long as your arm and ennumerated all my good qualities and overlooked my bad ones. Of course I made a speech, remarkable chiefly for its brevity, I fear.


Do you know what I think I will try next? I have applied for a foreign school. Eva's sister-in law and I intend to go to-gether. We will have a cottage and house keep besides instructing the foreigners in the mysteries of the English language and in Canadian ways. I dont think I will be going till March. I will write and tell you all about it.


I made a silk, patchwork quilt, and sold tickets for it. I made $74, which I thought pretty good. That will be so much more for the prisoners of war.


Do you hear from many Sidney boys? or girls? I will give you the news any way. Jim Hood, Jr. is a soldier now, and expects to go over seas this month. He is in the Strathcona Horse. Conscription has called up Fred Wright, Frances Brown, Willie Coltart, and perhaps Jack Brown and Ted Stephenson


I hear from Jack Gray quite often. He was on leave down in Southern France, and enjoyed himself boating and bathing in the blue Mediterranean He seemed charmed with the country down there. I guess he would hate to come back to the battle scarred country of Northern France. He has been reported as seriously ill since. I hope he recovers.


Did you know Major Dykes Bredin? He was killed not long ago.


What kind of weather have you been having? It has been exceptionally cold here, about 42 degrees below, has been the lowest. Christmas Day was cold but it was not so bad to-day.


Well, we are done with old 1917, and I guess every one wonders what 1918 will bring forth. I wish you the best of luck for the coming year.


Your sincere friend


Laura Thorn

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