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Date: October 22nd 1916
Mother, Father and Dorothy

Broughton, C.B. I – N.S.


Oct. 22 – 16


Dear Mother, Father & Dorothy:


It will seem a long time until I can get a letter from home, but in the meantime, I can let you know what we are doing.


We have been down here five days now, and it has rained four. We have not had very much drilling, but only a few route marches We have just been lying around quite comfortably in our new quarters


The night before last I had just got into bed at ten o'clock and was dozing off when someone came in downstairs and called out my name. He had just come with orders for me to report at the night cook house at once. Of course I was delighted, and got into my clothes again, and walked down town to the cook house half a mile away, through the rain and the mud. When I got there I was put at making Sandwiches, and the job lasted till morning. The next day, that is yesterday, our company had a march, but I did not go on it. I was pretty sore about it however, for they went out to the sea, and had quite a day of it. They all went in for a bathe, and during the day, several big seals came up quite close to where they were.


It has been very warm during the last few days - the rains are quite warm, like summer in Manitoba.


I would like mother to do up a couple of suits of my best pyjamas & send them down If you know where that old trolling line of mine is, I would like that too. It used to hang in the summer kitchen at Arden.


The town has guards all around it, and we are not allowed to go out any place. I would like to take a walk out to the sea shore today but cannot do so


There are all kinds of rumors around about us leaving here, but of course we do not know any thing about it. Lieut Groggan told us that we would only be here for two weeks, but judging by the preparations that are being made, we will be here longer than that


With a world of love to all



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