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Date: August 9th 1916

Camp Hughes


Aug 9 '16


184 Canada

Overseas Battalion


Dear Dorothy,-


Just got out of hospital last night, and have a couple of days or so off.


Received your letter yesterday I was phoning to mother this morning at Farquhars. She says that father's throat is pretty sore this morning. They are going home on Saturday. I am going home on Monday. Will go up to Brandon on Sunday evening & down to Boissevain on Monday. Will have a months harvest leave. The enclosed is for collection on Sunday - to be used for no other purpose.


When are you coming home. Hope you enjoy your visit at McMurchy's. If Miss McMurchy will condescend to accept it you might give her my love – not.


Yours until Niagara Falls


With love


Pte. Pecover

O. H. M. S.


Forgot to say I am feeling fine, only sorry to leave the hospital. We had a pretty decent time over there. Mr. Mac sent a pack of cards and a box of candy from Wpg. Sue Kerr sent an immense box of cookies & jam-jams - mother jelly & honey & a box of pastry.


The only ones who forget that I was in hospital were Mr. McMurchy & the others from our tent. Although supposed to be under quarantine they went to the shows, or any place else they liked, but didn't bother about me


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Original Scans