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Date: December 24th 1916


Dec 24th/16

Dear Ethel –

Recieved two letters from you since we came out of the trenches and a couple while we were in but could not very well answer them there.

Well Xmas day again tomorrow. It does not seem so very long since last Xmas, but the circumstances will be quite different though.

We are out for a rest just now and expect to have a quite a nice Xmas dinner tomorrow. So we wont be so bad off after all.

This morning we had Church parade so you see we get to church once in a while out here. The sermon was alright, but there was so much coughing that it seemed to be hard for the Minister to talk and it kind of worried him.

The N.C.O.s and men of our Batt. are to be the guests of the Officers at the theatre here. We are looking forward to it as it is quite a while since I have seen a show of any kind.

Recieved a letter from Father in which he said that Will Linnell had been killed at the Front. About two days after I got a letter from Will himself. He is in a Hosppital in Glasgow Scot, enjoying the best of health except for a few shrapnel wounds in the legs.

The weather is very fair here just now. We have a rainy day once in a while but not bad weather at all for this time of year.

As for myself, I am enjoying the best of health. Oh! say, about that $16.00 per month that the Gov is supposed to be sending to Father. If he is getting it regular have him send it to you. I dont suppose he needs it and you might, and so may as well have it.

I would have sent it to you in the first place but I thought Father would beat home and it would be less bother for him to look after it. If he is not getting it, it would be a good plan for him to write Ottawa, because they are supposed to send it every month.

Recieved my first Xmas present about a week ago. It was from Father and was a two dollar bill which came in a very handy at the time. We only draw a franc a day here which amounts to 20¢ per day.

Good bye for this time. Keep the letters coming, you are doing fine so far.

Your bro,


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