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Date: April 2nd 1915
Charles Guymer


Mr. Charles Guymer has received the following interesting letter from his friend, Mr. Fred Adams, of Cobourg, who is in France with the First Contingent.

Dear Charles:
I am writing this from the trenches. We have been in for four days now and are going out to-night for four days rest. The German trenches are only 150 yards from ours and at night time we hear them singing. Some of them speak English and we shout across to one another.
There has been a lot of artillery duels lately and the German snipers are terrors. We have made a fire here in the trench and one of our fellows is trying to bake a stew in an old tin can, and the Germans keep sending shots over and knocking the dirt off the top of the trench in it so it will be a nice stew by supper time.
It is awfully back aching in the day time, walking around all the day with your back bent. If you forget and stand up straight and show your head the snipers will put a bullet through your brain box every time. I haven't had time to write much lately as we have been on the move so much, but will write as often as I can. I am still feeling good; they haven't been able to hit me yet.
Bye-Bye, Best love,