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Date: November 13th 1943
Dad and Mom and Helen
James (Jimmy)

Nov. 13. Saturday 1943

H195561 Pte. J. F. Watson

A. Wing #2.C./R.U.

Canadian Army Overseas


Dear Dad & Mom & Helen.


How are you all keeping? Fine I hope. Are the kids still running around like they always did? Has Andy skipped school anymore He sure is starting young isn’t he. Well I’m feeling pretty good myself but my money still goes. I can’t seem to be able to keep it. If I draw only a pound ten, then I am usually broke less than a week after and then I start borrowing. If I draw 3 pound or two pound ten then I don’t have very much pay to draw next pay. There isn’t much in the line of fun for me as yet. I haven’t even been to London yet and I’m only 30 miles from there. I was going to go to London on a 48 hr pass and one of the guys asked me how much money I had and I told him only a pound ten and he said it wasn’t much use of going with only that much. So I first went to the town not far from here and went to the show.


I got your parcel this morning and was I happy. I’ve been waiting quit awhile for it. It was a treat to be able to get some gum again. I haven’t had a chew of gum since I left Shilo. That shaving stick was very nice too. I’ve just finished my shaving soap this afternoon. The dress socks are very nice I couldn’t have asked for a better pair of socks in any story around here. That  “gladness” [?] or the polishing cloth was just was I wanted I can’t get any over here at all. The box of nuts is as well. I haven’t had any yet but I’ll be starting on them any time soon. I think I’ll keep the writing pad and envelopes for when I go to the field. I doubt very much if the different services supply paper for us but in any case I won’t be out of paper. The handkerchiefs are just what I wanted. We can’t buy them over here unless we have coupons. The band-aids will come in pretty handy too. Although I hope I don’t have to use them. Shoe polish is another thing that is getting hard to get over here. The chocolate bars are my favourite bar back home. Especially that “molly-o” bar. You won’t have to send socks anymore Dad. I’ve got eight pair now. The gloves you sent are very good and warm too. The pair I got from the Army were loosly knitted and they weren’t much for keeping the cold out. But the parcel is one of the best I’ve seen yet Dad. Every body who have seen the parcel say it’s the real mccoy. Every time somebody receives a parcel we say he’s scored again. When I got my parcel one of the fellas came up to me and says “ya scored again eh?” And I said, “sure, and got a bulls-eye too.” Yessir it really is a swell parcel and had every thing a fella wants and needs over here. I would like a couple of more hankies tho if you don’t mind Dad. It seems that my nose never stops running. And I’m told you get arrested for spitting over here. So I’m careful about that.


Well how many bags did you get from the lot out on Arthur street dad. Did you get the twenty Feed [?] said you’d get? I hope so. How did the cabbages come out? You sure planted a slew there in the back yard. Have the kids swiped any more cucumbers? I guess Billy thought you wouldn’t miss them anyway. How is little Gary. I haven’t heard much of him in your letters. I suppose he is getting big now and running around the house like the rest of the kids. He never could sit still could he? Well I guess Helen would get mad if I never asked how she is doin’ eh? Well how is the old bag doin? I suppose, too, that she has a lot more boy-friends now. She had quite a few guys running after her when I was there. I used to walk home and catch her itching a little woo with some dumb looking xxooo guy out in front of the house and what she said to him. Why it even made me blush. But I haven’t held anything against her and she really is a nice kid- but who likes kids?


Well I’ll write again soon Dad and keep the cigarrettes coming. So good bye for now Good luck and God bless you all.


With lots of love xxxxxxx



P.S. Have you got any of my letters yet?

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