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Date: February 2nd 1944
Dad and Mom and Helen and Kids
James (Jimmy)

Feb. 2 Tuesday 1944

Pte. J.F. Watson 14195661

A Wing # 2c./. R.F

Canadian Army Overseas


Dear Dad & Mom & Helen. & Kids.


Well how are we all felling at home? Fine I hope. I received the letter you mixed up with arties letter while I was on leave and got it when I came back. I also got your parcel and Uncle andy’s cigarettes there are more cigs in the post office but I’m leaving them there till I finish Andy’s up. The parcel was swell Dad and was pleased very much to get it.


I had a wonderful time on leave I went up to Glasgow and met Uncle Dave and Aunt Peggie at the station. They let me stay at their place and made me really feel at home. Dave took me to a football match in Hampden Park on Saturday afternoon it wasn’t bad but I don’t understand the way they play foot-ball over here. They seem to play it all together different. Well we went home for tea then had supper and went to a show in the evening. I met your Aunt Maggie the night I arrived (Friday nite.) She is a nice lady but I wasn’t out much with her. She is 79 years old and seems very spry for her age. I went up to Charring cross with her on her way home. Well, on Sunday Dave and I went over to See the Nesbits on Arngaok rd. Mr. Nesbit is a very old fellow too he is 80. He is blind in one I now in case you didn’t know. Well I met daisy and Jimmy Nesbit that day also they are very good people to I enjoyed staying with them very much. Then Jimmy took me over to your cousin’s George and Mary Nesbit on St. George’s rd. I had lots of fun there with them. George & Mary are lots of fun. Mary said she’d recognise me anytime if she saw me on the street. You know she reminds me a lot of my own mother and I took a liking to her as soon as I saw her. We kidded her along about being so fat. Boy she sure is a size. but never the less she is lots of fun.

Well Dad Please excuse the pencil but I’ve run out of ink. So on with the leave. Mary took me over to McLaren’s on Kelvinside but they didn’t live at that address you gave me. I never got around to seeing the other McLaren on Anderlia St either. I had so much to do while I was there that I didn’t get around much except in the afternoon. I stayed at Mary’s house one night and she brought me my breakfast in bed. Ain’t that something? Mary and Daisy told me all about you when you were over here Dad you must have been quite the guy with the women specially the nurses. I got the whole lowdown from the women. Remember you used to tell me to save my money? Well George and Jimmy Nesbit told me how you was always asking their mother for 30 bob or something. Yep! I know the whole score now. But Dad I never met a nice lot of people. They go out of their way to make you feel at home and I enjoyed every minute I was with them. I never forget the kindness that was given me. Old  Mr. Nesbit got quite a laugh from me when he saw me pressing my uniform he thought that was a great joke for a fella doing his own pressing.


I got the surprise of my life when I found out that Daisy and Jimmy were brother and sister. I just couldn’t believe it Dave took me around Glasgow and took me to the oldest part in Glasgow. As a matter of fact he took me to a lot of pubs. The horseshoe pub, the Osy house and lots of others. He also took me to the empire theatre to see a stage show called “shipmate ashore”. At first I didn’t think much of the Stage show but it got better as it went along and I really enjoyed it. It was at the empire theatre that I met the man with the hump back. He is another Watson but I forget his first name. He was a very nice fellow.

When I was at Mary’s house she showed me the 52nd lapel badge that you gave her in the last war. She is going to make me a wallet for my money. She makes a lot of them she says and they’re good ones too.

Well Dad I only hope I can get to Glasgow for another leave. I just hated to go back to camp. My next leave come in April and the folks are going to take me to Ayr for their holidays. Mary George & Daisy and Jimmy and the rest want me to bring Helen over here after the war is finished and I’m going to try my best to bring her back. I know she would like it very much. Your cousins Mary and Daisy want very much to see Helen. I’d like to come back after the war and see what Scotland is really like in peace- time.  So I guess my war bonds should cover our fare by boat to Scotland eh? Well I’ve said about everything I’ve had to say about my leave Dad, But would you send some money over for my next leave in April. You could send my allowance over if you really don’t need it Dad. By the way how is my money coming in is it coming in alright?

Well I’ve got dozens of letters to write Dad so I’ll just close for now. Write again soon will you? Lots of Love to all at home


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