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Date: February 17th 1944
Andy and Nellie
James (Jimmy)

Feb 17 Thursday, 1944

# 195561 Pte. J. F. Watson

A Wing # 2 C.I.R.U.

Canadian Army Overseas


Hello Andy & Nellie:-


I guess you’ve waited along time for this letter. I’ve been so darn busy lately writing letters to the folks back home and the folks up in Glasgow. So you see I’ve been pretty busy. I doubt myself if I can find more to say in this letter. I’ve been writing all nite long and it’s eleven o-clock now. I’m on duty all night so I catch up on my mail when I’m on duty, There never is much to do after lights out at 10.15 at nite.


Well how are you keeping anyway? Has Bobby Started school yet? I guess he is too young. How is Nellie feeling? A lot better I hope. I got your 1000 smokes you sent me Andy. Thanks a lot. I got them just after I came back off leave. They sure come at…

was right out and was starting on limey fags. They make me cough a lot when I smoke them. I don’t smoke them if I can help it.


The girl-friend in Geraldton told me you were going to Geraldton for a holiday. How did you like it? I thought it was alright. Especially with the little woman there. She writes me now. I’ve had two letters from her since December. I don’t know why she quit when I left Canada. She isn’t a bad kid tho.


I met a broad over here one nite in a show. You’d never guess how I came to meet her. I might as well tell you the score. She came in and Sat beside me in the show, you see, and my arm was getting a cramp in it so I put it over the back of her seat. Then it fell off around her shoulder. I guess she thought I was pitching a little woo. But she was wrong. I guess she liked it and she snuggles up to me you know and I snuggle up to her and then it was clear sailing after. I sounds kind of corny don’t it. But it’s true ( so help me). She isn’t bad for a limey. But she is kind of short for me. She comes about to inches above my waist. Just nice for leaning on. I got a date with her on Saturday nite so hope for the best for me, eh? And maybe I’ll bring her home and let you see her.


Boy we Watson’s are a slow lot but give us a start and nothing can stop us. Come hell or high water. (We always were good swimmers weren’t we Andy. and we didn’t mind the heat either did we?) Well you can believe it or not but it’s the truth. It will probably cost some money but she might loosen up and treat me some time.


Have you heard from Jessie since she went to Quebec? I haven’t heard from you either for a long time have I? But cigarettes talk over here. That’s one thing we like to get over here and that’s fags and letters. It means a lot to us to get a couple of letters a week. even if they aren’t very long But I expect a long one from you folks. You should have a lot to say about Fort William


I guess it’s pretty dead around home now, eh? It was when I was there last. Most of the boys are over here. I seen in the paper we get called “Canada Weekly” that quite a few boys from the Lakehead have been killed in the air force and Army. It isn’t any fun to have your pals killed might after they have been shipped to the front is it? Well that’s what is to be expected.


Well I’ve done lots of writing tonite Andy so I’ll close for now and I hope I hear from you soon. I’ll write again in a couple of days. So good-bye for now good luck and lets hear from you soon.

Always remembered by



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