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Date: April 1917
Harold Bruce

Canadian Machine Gun Corps

Sec. 18 France

April 1917


Dear Bee,

There is no news to tell you just now but thought I would send you a few lines as I know you will be glad to hear from me anyway. Am still at the base here and am learning or supposed to be learning a little more machine gun work all the time. We had some very disagreeable weather for a long while but are hoping for steady weather now.


Have moved around quite a little bit since coming to France but have really seen very little of the country. We moved a lot at night and when the trains stopped never got far from the station. England seems a much cleaner country than France to me especially in the little towns. The streets, houses etc. are kept in much better shape.


There are only three of our old bunch here - counting myself, but more are liable to come anytime. We do not expect to stay very long but do not know as we are liable to be sent up to one of the companies at any time.


I had a letter from Winnie Oliver in Calgary the other day, it was a brilliant epistle but I suppose I will have to answer. A lot of old relations seem to have suddenly discovered that I am alive and wrote to me. Had one from Cambell with some snaps of herself & baby and Mr. Hancock. It is a big task for me to answer them as I have nothing to write about. We have to be careful in what we write as every letter is censored and nothing of military importance must be written.


I enjoyed your last letter very much telling so much of the youngsters, of their doings and sayings. If you happen to have any snaps taken be sure and send me some. I suppose Harry will be soon starting seeding. I wish I could put in a month in with you all on the land. It would be a pleasant change. I dont think there is any more to write about just now so will close with heaps of love to you all. Bruce.


“Canadian Machine Gun Base France. Sec 18” will find me just now. Will send you my new address when I know it. Bruce.

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