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Date: May 27th 1916
Harold Bruce

Moose Jaw May 27, 1916

C. Co’y 128

Dear Bee,

We happened to have a little spare time this morning so thought I would send you a few lines. We have had a lot of rain since you left. It started on Wednesday night so you would be home just in time. Have been wondering if you arrived home alright but I suppose you did as your car was in good shape. There is not much to tell you. We got word last night that we are to leave on the fifth of June. We are going to Sewell camp and are to stay there for a short time only. The men are getting passes for a very few days to visit their homes but the time is so short that it is not worth while for me as I would only be able to see you and come right back.

Our battalion entertained the school children from Moose Jaw on the 24th at the Armoury and there sure was a bunch of them. The procession reached almost around the race track. There were at 2500 children, each one carrying a flag. It was quite a sight alright. There were all kinds of races & sports also a baseball game with the 229th Batt. We won quite handily 7 to 4. All of the ball players are excused from parades these days and we are doing nothing but physical exercises and games & practice. It is a snap for us alright. The officers are crazy for us to win the game with Yorkton in the Colonel’s home town and he has bet a hundred dollars that we win.

Well I guess there is nothing else to tell you just now. I will write soon and let you know how I am getting along and will expect to hear from you & mother often. It would be as well to address your letters to me to the, 128th Battalion Moose Jaw so if we are gone they will follow us to camp when I will send our new address.

Love to you all and be sure to write.


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