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Date: September 12th 1915
Harold Bruce

Briercrest, Sept. 12, 1915

Dear Bee,

Your letter arrived a week ago and was tickled to death to hear of that wonderful new boy. You say that he is not quite so big as Jack but possibly time will cure that. Are you sure that he is just as nice? If I remember correctly Jack & Betzy were some kids allright and it is hardly possible for the new son to be any nicer. What are you going to call him? I hope that you getting along alright. Mother said you were not very strong. But you have one advantage that you did not have when Jack was born. There is a town & doctor close. I would sure like to see Jack & Betzy now. They are just at the most interesting age & are always doing something new & wonderful. Is Betzy as good as ever or is she beginning to show something of her mothers temper. You want to tell me all about them when you write for I think about them oftener than you imagine and wonder how they are & how they are changing.

I was glad to hear that you had a good crop and got it harvested without-out hail or other dangers. Have you any notion of going east this winter? Harvest is all over in this country with exception of some late flax & the threshing in general. Men are rather scarce & wages are good.

I am feeling fine and working all the time. In fact have worked every day since Spring except the Sports day in Briercrest. Even worked on the 24th of May & 1st of July so you see I am very industrious in my old age. Have not been sick at all this summer.

I suppose you are following the war news closely. It certainly is some war alright. I guess we will all have to enlist before it is over. They are working hard to get men to volunteer in all the town & cities. Men, men & more men is the cry. Would you & mother like to have daily paper? I was thinking of sending you a Moose Jaw paper but did not know what papers you are taking or how often you get your mail.

Tell Jack I got his letter alright & want him to write to me again. I would give a whole lot to see him right now. Sunday is always a terribly long day. I have lots of reading matter. But I get tired of it. Have a big bunch of magazines & Evening Posts that I have read this summer & will send up before winter if you care to have them.

Well I guess this will be all this the time I want you & mother to write soon & often & I will try & answer. I wrote to Elsie McLagan this week. She gave me an awful calling down for answering her letters. She is wondering why mother does not write. Well Bye-Bye with love to all.


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