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Date: 1918

“Mons” Belgium


Dear Marie;


Just a line; to let you know that everything is O.K. Well the war is over eh? Gee! I can hardly realize it you know. We are living in Mons, it is quite a beautiful town and shows practically nothing of the ravages of war. This is the town where the British first came in touch with the Bosch in “14”


We were forced back to a line outside of Arras. It was known as “The Retreat from Mons” in 14. It was the British Regulars who lost it in 14 and the 3rd Can Divn who took it back in “18”. A feather in the cap for the 3rd “Cans” eh? On the same morning that the town of Mons was taken the Armistice was signed. At 11 AM on the 11th day of the 11th month 1918, Quite easy History to remember eh?


Excuse change of style in handwriting I have borrowed another pen mine has gone dry.


It is rumoured that we go to “Coblentz” or some Rhinetown what the Sam Hill do we want to go there for. The quicker I can put on a boiled shirt and starched collar and a suit of “Civies” the better. Now that La Guerre is finished the Army holds no interest to me. When it was on I was always game to stick right with it. I reckon I've done my share. And now that its over I want to go home. The sooner I can quit polishing buttons and drilling the better. Oh well I suppose I'll be back for Spring planting. I can tell you I'd like to feel Yonge St under my feet. Say when I get home I'll take to Toronto like a duck to water.


The other day a Frenchman gave me a copy of a write up about the 3rd Cans “Foch's Pets” that was posted up in the Streets of Mons. after the boys took the town. I would like to keep it Marie, its in French, I'll send it to you; will you keep it for me Mamie. They are hard to get; if I succeed in getting another you may have this one. Also a carbon copy of the original wireless message which notified us that things would quit 11/11/18. It is another Souvenir I would like to keep.


Well Marie, I'll close


Give my love to Auntie Kate, Uncle Henry and Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all


Love Joe.


P.S. My address is the M. Gun. address as of old.



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