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Date: September 10th 1918



Dear Marie;


It's such a long time since I wrote to you isn't it Sis. Fact is we have been so busy; As papers are telling you no doubt. I have been letting my letters to Mother & Dad, do for all the folks. I will answer your letter of July 8/18.


Much as those field cards are a soldiers excuse for a letter; they are a means of letting the folks know that all is well; When he is busy scrapping and has no time to write a letter. That is why I sent them to you Mamie.


I thank you for your snaps very much of you in uniform too. Did you go to Oshawa for a vacation. You & Olive went somewhere didn't you. Did you take any snaps? If so you know where to send some to.


Say Sis. Dont you go learning to drive to drive that car too fast now. Give me a chance, dont forget. You say that in a year's time you will be able to drive it; are you sure you wont need a post-graduate course in driving after that? Maybe by then I'll be there to learn with you.


I'll bet you enjoyed a pleasant trip in the motor to Cobourg with those people A sight of the dear old home at Cobourg would certainly make you homesick. Didn't Auntie Kate enjoy it especially at Cobourg? I think she did. Aunt Kate is always bright & cheerful though isn't she?


I thank you so much for the box Mamie. I got it during one of the busy spells. It certainly was welcome. During pushes one seldom gets mail regular. However your box came. I needed a pr. of socks bad. Those were a Godsend and the eats – why – say Mamie – I'll tell you how much we enjoyed them if you'll send another box sometime. There's a bargain now.


So Irving Perry is married too. Huh! And Harvey – Has he got further exemption; No I dont understand him either.


Say Marie will you give me Vic's address. I want to write her about the kid. I like the kid an awful lot. As a rule I'm a poor one with youngsters, but I'm awfully fond of Meemie. So please give me the address.


How are the chicks & “ens” getting along Are they all laying still?


About myself I cant say anything new I'm still O.K. Feeling fine as silk. “They” (shrapnel) are still missing me. I guess the Bosche dont know I'm out here yet. Many a time I thought a shell coming my way had my number on it. But somehow 157114 is still slipping between or ducking those chunks of hot Iron. But I'd better not boast eh?


I'm with Division now, Signalling it's very interesting work, on Switchboard's you know. I'm what you might call a “central”.


Well Marie. Give my love to your Mother & Dad.


I'll close,


Hugs & xxxx etc. [hand drawn arrow pointing to xxxx] barb wire entanglements


Love Bro. Joe


Well good night, I've got to dangle off to my virtuous couch for the dark hours.



Signaller Joe G Sproule

3rd Can. Signal Coy




P.S. I hope you'll pardon this really excellent example of penmanship.




To -


Nursing Sister Marie.


Joe's epestle to the Golays



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