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Date: July 12th 1918





Dear Marie;


First of all I want to thank you for the box which I received OK a couple of days ago. It was the first box I received for a long time, and you may be sure was enjoyed by us very much. Maybe we didn't dig in to it too, we were up the line, and as you know, that is the best place to receive parcels. Parcel mail has been very irregular in delivery. It was something like two weeks after my birthday that my birthday boxes began to arrive. Many that were sent have not yet arrived either.


The last couple of days have been wet days. Previously we have had ideal weather. Hot days, with a white hot sun beating down; some remarked about the heat. For my part I'd far rather perspire than shiver. I've had enough of this teeth chattering business, to make me appreciate the sun Old Sol! has only made me keel over once and that was just after joining up on my first route march from Niagara-on-the-Lake to Queenston Heights. The long upgrade to the heights caved me in (I fainted) The only time I ever fainted in my life. But I could march it a dozen times over, full pack, under the hottest of Suns now. Another thing; I've never fallen out of a march even that time when I fainted, I never once failed to walk the whole distance of a march in the three years I've been in the army. That's something isn't it?


Well Marie my letter shows that I am enjoying the best of health. We have enjoyed a good spell out of the line lots of vigorous exercise & rigid training this Summer. On the whole the best Summer I have spent in this country so far.


Another breath or two of warm air and the Summer will be over. We will feel the damp chill laden breezes from the north creeping down on us. Then another winter of rain and mud to be borne cheerfully and optomistically. I wonder if this body of mine can hold out thru another Winter I didn't take last winter as well as the winter before. However with such a good Summer as this I ought to be fit for anything.


Still busy Marie? How are Aunt Kates chickens & the garden making out. Are Mamie & Vic up yet from Ottawa. Will you give me Vic's address please. I haven't heard about Harv. has he been exempted? or Russell?


Well Marie I have put on the water to boil, I think it must be about ready to drop the tea into it. I must get busy preparing dinner at (1.30 PM) for the five of us.


Give my love to Auntie Kate and Uncle Henry.






PS: My job is just about the same as it was before only we are under a  new organization.

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