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Date: June 24th 1918





Dear Marie;


That notable day has come and gone. They say a man becomes of age on his 21st Birthday, in other words a man. As far as I know I'm still as I used to be, I don't notice any change in myself nor any elation over the fact. Another surprising thing is, that I have spent my last three birthdays away from home. From eighteen to twenty one is quite a jump isnt it.


I thank you for your kind birthday wishes Marie very much. It was very cheering to me to receive letters of remembrance


So Dad received another parcel of Nobles things, what a long time to receive then after his death. Did we ever receive anything of Hughes personal effects.


You ask me about my new work! I'm still Signalling, just about the same as I was before; we are in new formation now, I'm in charge of a Battery Signal Station. (Four of us).


Well! What do you know about it. So Bill has given his girl a diamond ring. I'm not surprised at all. According to his letters, she is just about perfect he thinks a lot of her.


I am glad that John Maguire is getting quite a spell in army experience in Canada. Because, the ideas and opinions a young fellow gets in the army, are more liable to be a help than a harm, when learning army discipline and routine, when he is under the good influences of friends. You understand what I mean. If it wasn't for the fact that I spent six months training in Canada, and still being under the influence of Dad, mother & friends; and becoming somewhat set in my ideas of things. I don't know what kind of person I might have been by now. As it is there's all kinds of room for improvement in me. Corp. Linton Ollie's friend is back in “Blighty” wounded eh?


It seems to me Marie that I wrote an acknowledgement to Mrs. Ross for a box which I received last Spring (early). I'm not certain, but I believe I did. If not? I wrote her a letter some time ago.


As regards myself I'm fine, couldn't be better. Lots of exercise and out of doors practically all the time. I'm as dark as an Indian. Somehow I can't find much to say Marie, my streaks of newsiness are few and far between. You'll forgive me this time will you. Give my love to Aunt Kate & Uncle Henry and I thank them for their kind rememberances. I'll close


Love Joe



Signaller Joe G Sproule

3rd Bn. Can M. G. Corps



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