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Date: April 21st 1918





Dear Marie;


I suppose you have wondered what is happening to me, because I haven't written for so long. But it has been rather hard, trying to write these days. However the fire in the brazier is burning cheerily the approximate time I should judge to be around midnight. Although the cellar is a bit smokey due to bad drafts, and my eyes are smarting from the dusty atmosphere. I will write.


There is the faintest smell of juicy ripe pineapple in the air. Oh so nice to smell, but when taken in quantities how annoying and hard on the eyes Fritz again eh! We are having lovely weather, The violets dandelions & trees are in bloom The green of the bushes & gardens (what remains of a garden of 4 years ago) only tends to heighten the color of the few remaining red tyles on the wrecked roofs or the bricks of the stark walls, nothing but a shambles now.


It is a day later, I could not go on with the letter.


It is a bright sunshiny morning cool & (with the exception of a few of our heavies soaring overhead on their journey of destruction.) everything is quiet.


How am I? Oh! fine, with the coming of Spring, I feel more buoyant more cheerful.


I'll be home sometime next year I think. It is the beginning of the end. Dont become pessimistic. If a person looked at the papers nowadays, he would surely be inclined to feel blue. But take it from me, the year is early yet. I cant say any more.


Has Vic & Meemie come back from Ottawa yet. I hope so. How is the kiddy getting on, growing up I guess. Will you give me the address of Vic. Ill drop a line.


How is Aunt Kate & Uncle Henry. Is the grass green at home and the trees budding yet, has the robin come round this year yet. How I long to see all the folks at home, and to walk Toronto's streets to go to a theatre and see a good play and listen to the orchestra. To eat food not cooked in gasoline tins and a daintiness not seen in the trenches. When we get steak (oh yes occasionally) we usually pick it up in our fingers (its the easiest & most comfortable way). Oh to be able to sleep in a bed with a good thick mattress on it. Instead of “old mother earth” or chicken wire. To feel good underwear on a suit of smart, up to date civies (blue serge (something dark) preferable) a boiled shirt, stiff collar. Low shoes, silk or fine cashmere base. A flashy tie a straw lid on. About all I can picture a white enamel bath tub & hot & cold water (at your liesure). Oh! to feel thoroughly clean, from the ground up.


What does sliced bananas and cream taste like. Oh! Ill have to shut up my mouth feels like a water melon (lots of juice) at the mere thought of such delicasies


I'd like to go out and meet some of the girls (I knew a few) and to walk down the street with one with pink hair ribbons on. A middy on with a big (oh yes pink ribbon also) under the collar and a big bow in front. A girl that can play, laugh, tease. You know (one of those adorable girls.


Write me a long letter about home and everybody and “what's doin”. (Theatres, boats green grass & trees, girls, and lots of things) Im just crazy to be home, but still (the spirit of the troops is still excellent.) Do you see any of my old boy friends I dont hear from them very much Will Logan drops a letter once in a while. If I was home just now and it was one of those tantalizing warm spring days and I was going to school, I would just be in the mood to play hookey and amble on down town, and spend my time looking in the shop windows or in Eatons & Simpsons. Spend a dime or so on chocolates and go to some movie show, get home in time for supper, and after supper meet the bunch and go off somewhere.


I'll conclude


Give my love to Aunt Kate & Uncle Henry & “Sweety Heart”







Signaller Joe G Sproule


3rd Can. M G Bn

B E F France

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