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Date: April 10th 1918






Dear Dad;


Just a line to let you know that I am O.K. Feeling fine Received a letter from you recently. I thank you very much.


Naturally you are wondering (from recent events) how things are going with us. Well, not too bad. Busy? Yes! Very! It's the beginning of the end Dad. As sure as there is a God in Heaven.


We are having typical Spring weather now. Warm Sunshiny days, then rainy weather with cold breezes. The fields are green. Daffodils, violets dandelions and other blue & white flowers are all in bloom.


How are you keeping Dad? Are you busy these days? Do you get round to see the folks much? What is Harvey doing these days. Has he joined up. And so Gertie Perry is married and out West.


Everybody will seem grown up dad, all the younger people whom I knew. Will be married or of age.


I will be a much older Joe than the boy who went away. And yet I'll have to catch up the time lost at school Dad I must get on. I will not be satisfied to first come home and go on unconcernedly. I have intentions of completing my learning at High School. Afterwards I my take on the business that [?Pa] has, unless he would have it otherwise.


Well Dad I must close. I met Capt. Cameron of Bloor St Baptist Church a short time ago. I listened to a talk from him.


Well I'll close


Love Joe



Signaller Joe G Sproule

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3rd Can. Divn.

Machine Gun Bn.

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