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Date: December 8th 1917



Dec 8 1917






Signaller J. G. Sproule

8th Can. M G Coy

B E F France


Dear Marie;


Oh! It's ages & ages since I last wrote to you Marie, I know. But the fact is, I have had such little chance to write anybody at all, this fall.


You have read in the papers about our “doings” up north. I am glad to say I came through all right, although a lot of the boys got blighties. Jimmy my corporal was killed. One of the best fellows I have ever met since being in the army. One of those cheerful chaps, who, you would think, were meant to come through this scrap alive. One can never tell.


Well Marie I've been here nearly a year and a half and over two years in khaki. Not a wound so far, most of the pals I came out with are gone, some killed others wounded or sick. And I – never felt better, I've lost my appetite, and taken on a horses appetite. I'm sure some hearty eater and if that is a good sign you can bank on me. I'm like Oliver Twist I stick around the cooks for any second helpings. It's really funny, you go through some really hot places, after coming out, you look at yourself expecting to find yourself gray headed & hollow cheeked but no. With the aid of some soap & water a razor, or a real good hot bath & shave, you feel as if you are treading on air. The horrors quickly fade away and you are yourself again.


I received the box from you, Marie O.K. I thank you very much, for it. I received it when we were staying at a chateau A magnificent place which was vacated by the mademoiselle who went to a convent. Some trouble or other, Monsieur he went to the war I suppose was killed. The last thing left of value, was a series of panel paintings, which one of the boys peeled, the canvasses off, and I suppose they are on their way to Canada by this time.


It's getting on to Christmas, pretty quickly. It will be my second in France. I hope it is the last I spend in France on active service


But as the boys say: I'm game! whatever the outcome is. I hope the “Good God” will bring this struggle to a speedy close, for we are strong advocates for peace. Peace of the right sort, not Prussian Peace. nor party peace, but universal peace Both to enemy & allies.


I suppose I appear blue but I'm not at all, just stating facts.


I'll close Marie. I have to go to supper or I'll be too late to get anything.


Give my love to all the folks. Remember me to “sweety heart”






P.S. Met a darky of 1st Contingt. Who was 3rd Bn. Man. He was on the same gun crew with Noble, he was telling me some tales he & Noble were in. He said Noble was one of the coolest & bravest men he had ever met. They were great pals. He didn't know at the time he was my brother, until I told him. He was down at the base wounded when Noble was killed.

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