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Date: July 15th 1917



July 15/17


Dear Marie;


I thank you for the box which you sent to me. It sure was tres bon. So the other night or rather very early morning when on duty, I dug into the cake & marmalade & the cpl. & I polished it off between us.


Well Marie! How are things these days I believe Conscription was finally passed was it not? How is Quebec taking it? Im glad of it, believe me.


I hope my little kiddie, is all right. I'll bet she's becoming quite a big girl, isn't she. Ghee! but I wish I was home Marie But I think it will be over pretty soon, don't you? And then – ah – then, you'll see me coming head on, a mile per. in my effort to get to the land of the “Setting Sun”. Some day those “Bone Heads” will realize they are licked, but until then we'll have to scrap, scrap & then some, to convince them.


I suppose the traffic is going over the viaduct now, and the union station how is it beginning to look


Three more days & I will have been out here a year, and getting on toward two years since I enlisted. Time flies doesn't it.


Are you nursing at the hospital yet. I suppose you are pretty busy.


Well Marie I can hardly find anything to say. So I'll close.


How is Auntie Kate & Uncle Henry Vic & Kiddie and oh yes & the dog


Give my love to all.



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