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Date: July 9th 1917




July 9/17


Dear Dad;


I'm not a very frequent writer am I, but Dad I think of you just as much, and every night I remember you in my prayers. I will drop you a line once in a while, and I write to mother regularly so you can hear about me from her. Will that be all right. You have read in the paper of our gains, of our great successess along the line. Things are looking more hopeful than they have ever looked before. And that means everything doesn't it. I certainly do hope & pray that it may soon end. However this battle has to be fought & won and it will close just when God wills it so. We must try to remember & be patient.


I am a Signaller in our Unit now. How is the firm? Very busy? And Dad, how are you these days. OK? Cheer Up. Are we downhearted? No! Lets hope we'll soon be home. We boys out here look ahead, and plan and hope for the future. And its a good way to look at it, don't you think so? At any rate for most of us, it is a cheerful outlook For myself Dad I look ahead and feel confident that the future and my aims are right and true.


Say won't the future be a great (what shall I call it) “An Age of Rejuvenation” Things will leap forward and the world will provit by this terrible experience


Well Dad I'll close


Give my love to all




Your Son

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