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Date: June 27th 1917



June 27/17


Dear Marie;


Received your letter OK. Was certainly glad to hear from you.


OH! Yes I'm just feeling great. Feeling better than I have ever felt before. You should see me. I'm a little bit bigger & have filled out more. I'm back to short trousers (I cut my slacks off at the knees). I'm as tanned as an Indian. ghee but its good to be alive. I came back off that five weeks course as fat as butter.


Pardon the scribble I'm sitting on the steps of the dugout and writing this. Well I suppose we'll soon have our next door neighbours out here (Americans) coming to finish the war for us, and to show us a thing or two in the line of fighting. But I shouldn't be sarcastic should I? It will be a Godsend, they will do a lot of good. Things are going on famously these glorious days of Summer Sometimes time hangs heavy & mostly – presto – and a month has flashed past in no time. I think we'll soon be able to partit for home we all hope so at any rate


I'm in the Signallers now, which is much better & at the same time you are learning something.


That Birthday box sure went bon Sis. I Thank you all so much. This letter will not be long because it is five to six now, & I want to get it censored and out with the ration limbers to-night.


I hope by this time Conscription has passed the House? Has it Marie? I can't see why the French-Canadians are so backward in joining up. Those of them who have come out here have made a name for themselves & are splendid fighters. But I suppose it is religion that is the cause


I'm so glad & thankful that you have given those flowers to mother on “Mother's Sunday” from me. It will please mother so. I attended a service on mothers Sunday (which was held over here too) in a YMCA in a village back of the line. I sure thought of mother and not being able to get her flowers this year. Well Marie I'll close


How is my little “Sweety Heart” Isn't the kiddie growing though. Give my love to all. I remain yours with love


Bro. Joe.


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