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Date: March 16th 1917



March 16/17


Dear Marie


Hurrah to-morrow is the seventeenth day of “Ould Ireland”. If I've got anything green to wear I'll wear it, if it is only a bit of moss.


I received your most welcome box last night. We sure did appreciate it. I sat on the bed in the billet, and we opened the box. We are going to have a feed (six of us) to-night, Coffee, canned chicken, salmon & sardines bread & butter & Christmas Cake (special extra). Six of us live in a little 2 x 4 room in a barn. Its cosy & warm, lots of straw (and mice) (& lice). But we should worry eh Marie? Let me thank you for the box Marie I certainly do appreciate it. It was certainly a peacherino.


How are you getting on, how is Aunt Kate & Uncle Henry, Vic & the kiddie I hope you are all well. I wonder if Toronto has changed much. It seems a long time ago since I left it.


I am quite well, still “Jake”. Winter is over & Spring has set in but with the Coming of Spring there usually comes hard work, longer days less sleep. Oh well the sooner its over & done with the better.


Is the Bloor St. Viaduct finished yet? Any good shows on recently? Things are looking favourable for the allies these days. I suppose U.S. will enter the war soon.


Well to get down to a little intimate conversation. As I said before “with the coming of Spring comes the day of real warfare” Some of these fine Spring days, there will be an increase in casualties of Canadians no doubt. If that is the case why it's a case of real scrapping for us. In case anything should happen Marie just smooth things out for mother will you. I have written a letter explaining things to dad. But don't let this scare you, because I'm just as safe as the rest of us, and I don't think it will last long once it has started. If I go under, I'm prepared God's Will be done. If I don't meet you all at home, I'll meet you all at the Great rendezvous.


Give my love to all Lots of kisses to “Sweety Heart”






#157114 Pte J. G. Sproule

8th M. G. Co

B. E. F.

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