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Date: February 5th 1917



Feb. 5/17


Dear Marie;


Rec'd your letter of Dec 29/16 the other day, or to be exact 4 days ago. The reason of the delay was, that I was away on a course back of the line & my mail piled up awaiting my return. On Christmas & New Years I spent well – a fairly good time in the trenches, considering that the dugout roof leaked and the mud was deep.


So the Kiddie had lots of dolls, her children eh! The Mother instinct is present in the youngest girls isn't it. I'm glad the kiddy had a good time. Doesn't it do a person good to see children happy & contented. Quite oblivious to sorrow & strife around them.


I guess by this time Vic & “Sweety Heart” will be home from Montreal I hope they had a good time, but somehow Montreal is no place for kiddies is it Marie. Mamie was all right I hope.


I suppose you know that I'm not a gunner now, but a runner. Despatch Runner, it is a much better job, for our M. G. Coy. Everything is running pretty smoothly. According to the papers, the Germans are disregarding at least are very impertinent to Neutrals. That is a good sign, that shows they'e come to the defiance stage of the war, they know they are licked, & have got their back up again the wall,


While on this course I had my picture taken, enclosed find one. What do you think of it. I had it taken just to show that I wasn't quite old & gray. It looks just about the same as when I went away, doesn't it.


Well Mamie I'll close


Give my love to Aunt Kate Uncle Henry & Vic (to Sweety Heart xxxxx+) Have you got a picture of the kid Marie.


Love Joe.


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