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Date: July 11th 1916



Fri. July 11/16


#157114 Pte J. G. Sproule

8th Brigade M. G. Co.

B. E. F.



Dear Marie


Mother & you were the bearers of such sad news. Noble is dead, even yet I can't realize it. Why to think that my twin brothers are both killed. First Hugh then Noble. Why Marie. After Noble going through what he has, and until recently not being wounded Why we almost thought that he was sure of coming back alive.


They both died heroes fighting for a just cause. It seems hard that God has made it such, that two young boys or rather men should be made to die so early in life. But it was God's decree, and it is for us to bear up under what seems almost injustices in splitting up a family and home ties like that.


Marie. France is some country isn't it, at least from what I can see of it I don't know when I'm going up on the line. It may be soon & I have a score to settle. The Hun is the most unreliable scoundrel alive. They'd break their hearts, if they played fair. You find a wounded German, you treat him good. The minute your back is turned he knifes or shoots you in the back. That is why Canadians are so sore on Fritz. Many a pal has been killed that way. How is Mimi & Aunt Kate & Uncle Henry & Vic. Hoping this will find you well. I remain


Your Loving

Brother Goldie (Joe).

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