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Date: July 7th 1916



July 7/16



Pte J G Sproule

Aco/ C M G T D

Risborough Barracks

Shorncliffe Eng.


Dear Marie


Just a line to let you know how I am. I'm feeling “Jake” as the soldiers says. I'll bet I have increased some in weight, the life is of the best. Since leaving Sandling, we are treated as it we were humans and not as machines, as the 36th seemed to think we were. The camp is higher & drier than the old camp too. We have started or rather have already done two weeks of our five weeks course in Machine Gunning at the school. After that we take bombing, bayonet fighting, gas helmet drill and then I expect we will go to France.


I am awfully sorry to hear that Noble is wounded, but I'm certainly pleased that it isnt serious. However I have written him two letters one to the hospital & one to the trenches he'll surely get one at least.


Our old 81st M. G. Officer left for France to-day we had our picture all taken together, with him in the centre just before he left. He asked permission to have all his old boys sent in a draft together. I hope he has succeeded in getting permission.


Are you going out to Sturgeon Lake with the folks at all this Summer. If you do I'll bet you have a good time. It certainly is a fine place, to spend the Summer. I'm a first class shot now having 116 points out of a possible of 190 I missed being a marksman by 14 points. I lost in rapid fire.


The Machine Gun course sure required some mental energy to digest it, it is  nothing but memory work right through. We had two fellows die recently. One got hit behind the ear with a bouncing baseball & never regained consciousness. The other died as a result of a clot of blood in the heart. He died in some agony.


I guess I have said about all I can. So I guess I'll close


Give my love to Aunt Kate & Uncle Henry Vic & my little girl. How is Jack the dog.


Enclosed find a picture of myself with full kit on I look sour over something I have just come back from the ranges that is why I look so untidy.


Love Joe


P.S. How is everything, has Hal left yet.

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