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Date: March 25th 1915

Trenches, France


March 25 1915


Dear Dad -


As usual I am away behind in my correspondence, and am trying to catch up by writing you, for you are first consideration.


You will remember that I told you in my last letter, that some times circumstances would not permit me to write often. Also if that ever was the case, that not to worry for believe me I am very much alive, and if anything did happen you would get to know about it quite soon enough.


Might say that both Noble and myself are in good health and unhurt. Trench life is not so bad after all at anyrate you can take things as they come and make yourself as comfortable as possible. As spring is here now, the sun is doing marvelous work, drying up the mud, and making us feel more cheerful the singing of the birds is very welcome, for even they do their little share of work by their cheerful singing.


Believe I forgot to tell you while at Salisbury, of my having met that friend of yours in the Highland regiment, I just forget his name, but I believe he is at the printing business.


How is business in Toronto. Is the printing trade a little slack now?


Just where we are now, I am not allowed to say, but some time ago we were in a place in the north of France called Armentieres to-morrow night we are making another move somewhere.


In closing might say that Noble and I are both in good health. He sends his love along with mine, from your loving son,



D G. Hagarty

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