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Date: February 16th 1915

Feb. 16th 1915


Dear Dad -


It is some time since I last wrote you. In fact it is nearly a month since I have written anyone. However I might say that I am in the best of health, feeling better than I have for some time.


Would like to tell you where we are, but I am not allowed, not even daring to hint, for our letters are strictly censored now by different parties before being forwarded. However when I get back I will have a lot to tell you.


In closing might say that this is all we are allowed to write or I would tell you a lot more. Just wanted to let you know how well I am. Might say that Noble is in the best of health also. In future do not expect too many letters from me, for circumstances may not permit me to write often. Also: What ever you do do not believe unofficial reports, and if you do happen to hear anything serious about me or read in papers. Do not believe it for you can understand how easy it is for miss-prints in the papers. Mistakes often happens. Thank you ever so much for money you sent me some time ago. Might say that $15 a month of my pay had been sent to Toronto to a friend of mine to save, so I am not so very reckless with my money. In future my address is: -


No. 10169 Pte Hugh Sproule

Ist Canadian Contingent

British Expeditionary Force

Ist Infantry Brigade

IIIrd Battalion

“B” Co., VIII Platoon


with love from your son


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Original Scans