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Date: March 24th 1863

March 24th 1863

My dear Papa,
I was not aware until this morning that Mr. Caldwell had written to you about me when he handed me the note you enclosed him. I was taken by surprise. I do not know what he said in his letter to you, but in yours you say (of course Mr. Caldwell has lost all confidence in you) etc. Now if he had lost all confidence in me he could at any time dismiss me at once, as when you wrote for me to come home before. He and I made the last bargain ourselves so he had no occasion to write you at all and another thing he wants me to stop with him till the end of the year, and I have concluded to do so. But I wish it to be distinctly understood that I did not ask him to do so. I was preparing to go when he proposed it. Mr. C is a curious kind of woman and a regular old maid what he finds fault with me for none particularly for is not being in every night at 9 0'clock. Now every person I have spoken to about that say it is absurd to expect a person who has been confined all day till 8 o'clock to be in again at 9. None of the rest of my companion clerks of the different stores in town have to do so. None of them have to be in before 10. I mentioned that to him he said that was his regulation and he would have it so. So I have concluded to deny myself even the little recreation I ought to have and do nothing but work and sleep for the next [?] months. More is no use of my going out at all for if I did I should be tempted to stay over my time and if I do he works himself into a passion about it I daresay. It was in one of those passions he wrote you. Another grievance of his is my not getting up at seven o'clock Sunday mornings if he waited breakfast for me. I should not be surprised at his being angry but he never thinks of such a thing but I suppose I am at fault too so I will stop [?]until Fall if nothing turns up before then but we must keep a sharp look out in the mean time. I did not get your letter till this morning the day you appointed for my return home. Excuse this as I write in a hurry.

With love to Mamma and Rhoda
I remain
Your affectionate Son
Donald M. Forbes

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