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Date: November 5th 1918

#16 Can Genl Hosp

Orpington -



My own darling Wife -


Just a line to let you know that I am coming home & will probably arrive as soon as this letter, I got a board yesterday & they are returning me to Canada, I leave here on the 7th & expect to reach home in from three to four weeks, I will wire your from the train when to expect me, I am as excited as a kid at the thought of seeing you all again so soon, & we will spend our Xmas together after all. I suppose I will have to go right through to Victoria, as that is where I joined up, but if you have gone to Vernon in the mean time, meet me at Sicamous & I will stop off there, but I am afraid there is no use making any arrangements like that, as I will have no way of finding out where you are, so I will go on to Victoria & I will send my wire there. I got my final pay to day, they gave me £10.0.0, so I am well fixed for the journey. I am not going to write any more, dear, I am going to wait now & say it all to you when I get home & I hope I will never have to write any more letters to you because I hope never to be away from you again. Wont I be glad to see George & Eileen & you again, my heart jumps at the thought of it, so Au Revoir, dear love, & expect to see me nearly as soon as this letter, Give the children lots of kisses in anticipation for me & think of the lot I am going to give you very soon.

Your own loving Husband




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