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Date: August 12th 1918



My own darling Wife -


Just a few lines in haste to let you know that I am all right, as you will see by above address, I am in an Australian hospital in France, I got wounded on the 8th & I got a pretty nasty one this time which I expect will keep me in England for a long spell, I am going to morrow & I just dread the journey as I am still very weak, I got hit in four places, top of the head a graze, back of the neck, a nasty cut, back of the right knee, a graze, & one on the left shoulder which is the worst, it was shrapnel & it went in just back of the shoulder & travelled across my back till it lodged in my right side, it made an awful gash & for a while I could not move myself at all as I was kind of paralysed, but I am getting on fine now & in a few days I expect to be able to sit up, my officer was killed & a bunch of my platoon were wounded at the same time, I think I was the worst wounded but they were all pretty bad, The Germans dropped bombs all round our hospital the night we got here, but thank God they did not hit us. The only think I am sorry for is that I got wounded so soon, as I would like to have seen the finish of it, we had advanded four miles when I got hit & I hear now that they have gone 14 miles, however it was just my luck. I must close now dear as I am too weak to write any more now, but I will write you from England as soon as I get settled, Give my love to the children & with all my love & kisses to yourself, my own darling Wife, I remain as ever

Your own loving husband








don’t worry J.


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