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Date: January 8th 1917

Headquarters 92nd Res

East Sandling

Kent, Eng.                

8th January 1917


My own darling -


Just a few lines to let you know that I am getting along allright, I am not out of hospital yet but I am allowed out for a while every day if the weather is good, but it has been so bad of late that I much prefer staying indoors, the doctor says he cant very well let me go back to my lines yet, but if the weather would only improve I might get away any time, it is raining all the time, either that or sleet & we have had several very heavy gales of late which have done quite a lot of damage to property; although I am able to go out now I have not taken advantage of the privilege by going anywhere as I don’t seem to have the inclination, besides it is much too cold, the wind seems to blow through one, & I don’t seem to be able to stand the cold so good as I used to, that will probably amuse you because you used to remark how well I could stand the coldest weather. I am afraid that I have very little news for you, dear, things are so hum drum in this place, nothing ever seems to happen, it is just the same old thing day after day, the only thing is, that everyone is complaining of the cold & the food, food is getting to be quite a proposition now, they are even cutting it down in hospitals, eggs cannot be got at all except for very sick patients who cannot eat solid food, we get potatoes every other day, & as for sugar I nearly forget what it is like, I see by the papers that the government are talking about issuing Sugar tickets so that everyone will get a fair deal, I see also that all spare land is to be put under cultivation to help out the food supply, but everything is the same, leather has gone up to such a price that workpeople are buying clogs instead of boots & although most people are earning two or three times as much as they used to do, they are no better off because everything is so dear, I am sure I don’t know what it will be like if the war lasts for another year, it will be terrible, it is worse for the very poor people because they cannot get anything but the very barest necessities, but I don’t think it will last very long now, dear, I think this summer should see the end of it all, all this peace talk must surely amount to something, so that I have no doubt but that you will see me very soon now, of course I know that I have said the same thing before, but I honestly believe that I will be home with you inside of six months, perhaps a good deal sooner than that, so keep up your heart, dear sweetheart, there are good times in store for us yet. I am expecting a letter from you every day now, I am very anxious to know how you are all getting on, what you have done about Georges eye, I do hope you have been able to get it fixed, & how long you intend staying in Vancouver & if you like it very much, & if you are comfortable & have all you want, I wonder if living is as hard in Canada as it is in this country, I know it cant be any worse anyway, if that is any consolation.


Now dear, I hope you will forgive me because this letter is so short, but honestly I don’t know what I can say, except that my thoughts are constantly with you & I am hoping to get out of here soon so that I can get to work & try to get over to Canada as early as possible in the year, give my little darlings a great big love & lots of kisses from daddy & with all my love to you, my darling & a million kisses, I remain always your loving husband






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