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Date: December 25th 1916

Xmas day 1916


My own dear little Girlie -


How I wish I could have been with you this Xmas day, I suppose by this time you will very nearly have forgotten your daddy, you will be getting such a big girl now, but daddy has not forgotten his dear little girl, & he never will, I was sorry dear that I was not able to send you a nice present or a Xmas card, but I am in a nasty hospital & the naughty doctor would not let me out to get anything, so you see I could not help myself. How do you like living in a big city, would you rather live there than in Vernon. I see by the photo that Mamma sent me that you have grown to be quite a big girl, I suppose you will soon be going to school now, I am sure you will like it, I used to enjoy going to school when I was a little boy. Now dear little sweetheart, I hope you are still keeping a good little girl & helping your Mamma & George as much as you can, take good care of your Mamma, dear one, for I know she is very lonely sometimes, kiss her & George for me, dear, & give them both a great big love, & I send you for yourself heaps & heaps & kisses & love

XX From your dear old affectionate





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Original Scans