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Date: December 25th 1916

Xmas Day 1916


My own dear Son -


Just a line from Daddy to wish you a good time in the coming year, Mamma will have told you that I am in Hospital, I have been very sick, but I am better now & will soon be out of here. I was sorry, son, that I was not able to send you anything for Xmas, but I was in bed & the doctor would not let me out even to get a Xmas card, so you see, son, I could not help myself. Mamma tells me that you have all gone to live in Vancouver, well Son, I hope you will like the change & that it will make your eye better. Now, dear son, you must tell Mamma to write & tell me all the news & how you are all getting along, I guess you must be a great big boy now, how I wish I could see you again, son, but I hope it wont be long now till I am home again, I wonder if you will know me again when you see me? - Wont we have some good times together when I get home, you & I will go to all the games & we will take Mamma & Eileen to the picture shows & we will all thoroughly enjoy ourselves, wont we, son. I hope you are still continuing to be a good boy & looking after your Mamma & Sister will I am away, as you promised me you would when I left you two years ago. Kiss Mamma & Eileen for me son & give them both a great big love & with lots of love & kisses I am still your affectionate



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