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Date: July 27th 1916

Bandsman H Cunliffe
75th Battalion
c/o Army P.O.
London Eng

Thur july 27th

Dear Kiddo-

I write these few lines hoping to find you all well, as it leaves me at present, I have not any news to tell you, as I wrote you a letter the day before yesterday I am sending you a paper with the picture of our Colonel shaking hands with the king, you will find it in the middle page marked X, we have not got our passes yet, but I think we are going to get a week end pass this coming Saturday, and if I do I shall go to London, and whilst there, I shall try to get something to send to you as a souviner, I shall be very pleased myself to go to London but I should be much more pleased to go to Lancashire, dont forget to send me some Maple buds, as I am just dying for a bud, I keep my shaving things in one of those [10cent?] maple bud boxes, and every time I shave it makes me long for some, how are the Kiddies getting on give them a good big spanking kiss apiece for me, I wish I could give it to them myself you must excuse this short letter but it is all I have time to write to-day, as we are very busy all day playing and the mail goes out soon, please write often. I have not had a letter from you yet, but I hope to get one soon now well ta-ta for the present from your Loving Husband Herbert

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