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Date: May 25th 1915


#4 Platoon # 1 Company

48th Highlanders

15th Battalion. C.E.F.


25th May 1915


My Darling Wife


It is such a long time now since I got a letter from you that I dont know what to think, I do hope you are all welll & that nothing has happened to you, I am afraid that my letters are going astray, A. Campbell has had three letters from home since I got one from you, I hope you are getting mine all right.


Well, I have been into the trenches, we were 6 days in them altogether & under fire all the time, it was an awful experience, we are out now for a few days rest & then we will be going back again, we had several men killed & wounded, two of them out of my section, both seriously, I can tell you now, that this war is Hell, Hell let loose is a mild term for it, the shrapnel & High explosive shells that the Germans use are diabolical & that is the least I can say for them, one never knows when they are going to get you & I can tell you that a fellow is very lucky if he gets off wounded, I am glad to say that none of the Vernon boys were hit who came along with me, we are all in good health & spirits and are looking forward to the time when the thing will be over & we will be able to go back to dear old Vernon again.  


We are billeted in an old French town not very far from the trenches, & are pretty comfortable for the time being, these French towns are not to be compared with British or Canadian, they are filthy dirty, open sewers & filthy ditches running down the streets, with all kinds of filth & dirt floating in them, it is a wonder to me that there is not more disease than there is, I am sure if you could see it, it would make you sick.      


I have heard a lot of talk about Sunny France & what a beautiful country it is, but give me Canada, I’ll be satisfied to end my days there, this country is not a patch on it. Now, dear, you know I can not give you much news as to what we are doing here or where we are, as all letters are liable to be censored, but I know, that you will be glad to hear that I am all right & feeling good, the only thing is I am anxious to hear from you, to know how you are getting on & what you are doing & what George & Eileen are doing. Dear Heart, I wish I could see you all again, you dont know how my heart yearns for you, lots of times in the trenches I have taken out your photo to look at & the lock of Eileens hair, I look on it as a mascot, it does me good when I look at them, & cheers me up wonderfully. 


I am afraid that there is nothing more that I can say now, dear, though if I were free, I could write you a book on my experiences, but there will be all the more to say when I get home, there is no danger of my forgetting as no one could forget what we have come through so far, so dear, with fond love & kisses to you & George & Eileen & hoping that you are all well.

I remain your loving Husband



Give George & Eileen a great big love from their daddy, dear, & remember me to all our friends. J.





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