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Date: May 2nd 1915

Shorncliffe Camp

May 2nd 1915


My darling wife


This is just a few lines in a great hurry, as you see by address, we have not got away yet, but are leaving here in a couple of hours, since I wrote you last we have been standing under arms day & night & twice have been marched down to the boat to cross to France, but this time it is absolutely certain that we get away, the only thing this is, we dont know where we are going to, but there is a rumour that we are going to the Dardanelles, of course we dont care where we go it is all the same to us, but it will be warmer down there than it is in France.


I cant understand why you have not got any of my letters yet, other fellows here have had answers to theirs & I have written as often as any of them I got two letters from you this morning, one written on the 4th & one on the 12th of April & I am certain that some of my letters must have got to Vernon by this time.


Since I started this letter I have been taken from it three times so you can see how difficult it is to get any writing done. we are going to sail from Southampton, we take the train to there, but where we are going to after that is a mystery, I have a kind of half hope that we go to the Dardanelles, but if we dont, it cant be helped, now, dear I dont want you to fret about me, I will be all right & I dont feel a bit excited about going away, I have every confidence in myself & I want you to have the same, it may be some time, love, before you hear from me but I will write as soon as & as often as I can, & dont forget, darling, that I love you always & that you & the children are always in my thoughts, so my darling wife, with fondest love

I remain

Your loving Husband


Kiss my little darlings for me, dear, & no matter what happens dont let them forget their daddy, pray for me, darling, & dont forget that I have always loved you.



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