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Date: July 15th 1916

No 4 H. Cunliffe No 163, 047
75th Battalion Bramshott Kent England

Sat July 15th 1916

Dear Kiddo-

I write these few lines hoping to find you all well as it leaves me at present, as you will see my my address I am in the 75th band now as is also billie, and arthur, and jack Gooch, it has been made the 11th Brigade band and we shall go to the front with the brigade as a band, this is saturday morning, and this afternoon the Gooch's, and billie and I have hired wheels, so we are going to ride around the country a little, to see some of the pretty sights the other day we went to a place about 16 miles away to play at a gentleman's house in the country, for the benifit of some hospital, or something of the kind, we went in a big motor bus which had been hired for the purpose, everything went all right, we had a good time there a good supper and a good send off back again, but when we had gone about two miles the blessed engine went on the bus, and we were stalled there till about 3 oclock in the morning, then another bus came along, which had been phoned for, and took us back, it was 5-30 when we got back it was very cold, waiting around during the night, it is not much better through the day, I cant understand the weather at all, it is always dull and threatening to rain, last night a bunch of us went to a place called Haslemere, about two or three miles from here, and I saw this card which I am sending you, I thought it would be a nice thing to send, (how do you like it we have not had our passes yet, I don't know when they are going to give them to us, before we go to the front, we all get those british imperial coats with the turned down collar, and we don't get the ross rifle at all but the English Lee Enfield how are you getting on, and the children, I hope they are all right, give them lots of kisses for me, and just fancy I am giving you a lot, how is Aunt Ellen getting on, tell her I am going to send her a nice card also your Mother and diddle-diddle, and baby, up to the time of writing I have not received any letter from you, but I hope to soon well I guess I shall have to close my letter so ta-ta- from your Loving Husband Herbert

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