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Date: October 27th 1918


Oct. 27th/18

My Dear Mother:

Must drop you a few lines tonight although I am pretty sleepy as my writing shows.

I am still living with these Liberated Civilians and they verily look after us. A cup of hot chocolate before we get up in the morning etc. All my clothes which were very, very dirty on account of being in the line so long have all been washed and I get a change every two days. Hence no small friends at all but I’ll confess I did have a few before I got a chance to get my clothes washed.

I’m getting as fat as can be. Saw the old 36th a few days ago and everybody remarked how well I looked. Chapman has gone for his commission. Fuller is still with the Battery and Ned Hefferman has gone to Russia.

The old outfit has changed a great deal. They have had quite a few casualties but there are still a few old faces left.

This is a fine kind of war we are having these days and I enjoy it nearly as much as these civilians they are as happy as clams and their men who have been in the French army and whom they haven’t seen since 1914 are all coming home on leave now so everybody is happy.

Im writing this before I turn in. Have been playing “bridge” nearly all evening but thought I would write before going to my downy Couch.

I am going down the line for six weeks starting Nov. 3rd. We were to send one officer to the Corps School for a course so I asked the Major to send me, so I’m away pretty soon.

Tell father I am going to write him when I get a good chance which I hope will be soon.

Am putting in some German coins for the Kidlets and a bill for you as souvenirs. Tell the kids to give theirs to you to keep for them.

Love to all the bunch, Dears. [?], Father and kids.

Heaps to you Mother

Always your loving son




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